Best place to hookup for casual sex

Where is the Best Place to Hookup for Sex?

Hooking up for casual sex is something you may want to keep private, in which case meeting at your place will be out of the question.

Thankfully, you have three other good alternative options when you use Sex Dating Site:

1. Hotel

A hotel is the best place to hook up for sex. You can book a hotel room for a day or a night and have as much sex as you like.

Most hotels have CCTV and this makes them one of the safest places to meet for sex.

When meeting at a hotel, it’s a good idea to confirm check-in times so you can head straight to your room when you arrive.

You might also like to head to the hotel bar. A few cocktails will settle your nerves, and the sex might be better after a drink too.

2. B&B

If you intend on spending the night together (rather than just having sex and leaving) a bed and breakfast would be a good place to hookup.

B&B’s are normally cheaper than hotels and they are smaller too. This makes them more intimate.

The downside to a B&B is you will be expected to stay the night. If you meet for sex and leave the room vacant, this will raise a few eyebrows.

B&B’s are also handy in small towns and villages that don’t have hotels.

3. The other person’s place

The third best place to hook up for sex is the other person’s place.

We don’t generally recommend sharing your own address if you want to keep your sex life private.

By meeting at the other person’s place, you can maintain your privacy and keep your sex like separate to your normal life.

If you do meet at the other person’s place, let someone know where you are going and what time you will be home. This is for your safety.


The best place to meet for sex is a hotel. At a hotel, you can have sex and leave. The room can be left vacant without any issue. You just have to check out.

B&B’s are the second-best place to hook up for sex. They are useful in towns and villages and are cheaper than hotels.

If you can’t book a hotel or B&B, meeting for sex at the other person’s place is the next option. Let someone know where you are, and you will be fine.

Have fun on the sex dating site!

Sarah x

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