How to have fun with adult dating

How to Have Fun with Adult Dating

Dating people you meet online is great for relationships, but what if you want to date for sex only?

There are many dating sites you can use just for meeting likeminded people looking for casual sex.

You may end up fulfilling your fantasies or get stuck with someone clingy looking for more than sex.

Before getting lost in the excitement, you should keep in mind the risks that come with the rewards.

Being smart means being safe when indulging on the sex dating site.

If you follow our advice you are more likely to have a fun time instead of dealing with unwanted requests for a relationship.

Adopt an Alternate Identity

The first thing someone wants to know is your name. Use that opportunity to share a made-up one and maybe a back story to go with it.

It would be nice to share these details if you were on a ‘real’ date but you are looking for sex and these details should remain secret.

You don’t want to deal with unwanted baggage or emotional stress and by keeping your real identity hidden, you are not risking exposing yourself.

Keep it Strictly Consensual

You should focus on your main goal of having sex and ask real questions. Make sure that you are engaging in an activity you both have consensually agreed upon.

Consensus about fantasies is important too and the reason why you are adult dating in the first place.

Keeping a record of the conversation is extremely important.

If the date goes sour, you will end up with frustration and having to deal with potential blackmailers.

Where to Meet?

Find a place you find safe and also sexy. Places like hotels, inns, and other rental services that you can get away with using your new alias.

NEVER consider your or your date’s home as a viable option.

You don’t want nosey neighbours asking questions or more importantly, your address.

A golden rule of adult dating is not to let strangers in your house, for sex or otherwise.

Not a Real Date

Like your alias, use a different number or app to communicate before meeting up.

Don’t share too much information about yourself. You don’t want to be found or stalked on social media.

Share enough to start the date off.

You are on a date with sex in mind, not conversation. Even if your date is too cute, don’t give in to the temptation!

Only share necessary information, keep the conversation about sex and trust your gut before going in.


You can have a good time without worries and baggage if you follow our advice.

Remember why you started adult dating and keep safety at the back of your mind at all times.

Your goal is to have casual sex and get out of there while being as anonymous as possible.

Don’t leave a bread crumb trail or make it easy for strangers to find you. Keeping secrets may also be a part of your fantasy!

Always have an escape plan in case the situation gets messy. Maybe tell a close friend to be your emergency contact.

Most of all, have fun while dating for sex!

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