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How to Choose a Sex Dating App

Not all sex dating apps are the same. The key differences between them are their user interfaces (how they look and work) and the quality of their member database.

A lot of sex dating apps have fake profiles and inactive accounts. This allows them to advertise as having X number of members, despite only Y being active.

The key to a good sex dating site is a good user experience and a high-quality membership.

If an app is good to use, and the members are a good match for you, then you have a higher chance of meeting and having sex with someone you meet online.

Several good sex dating apps have spawned over the years. Tinder is by far the most famous because it matches people with a simple user interface (swipe left or right).

Other sex apps are more complex or traditional in their approach. For example, our sex dating site asks you to search for members based on physical characteristics.

Whichever sex app you choose to use, here are 3 things to look for:


As we noted before, a lot of sex dating apps have fake profiles and inactive accounts.

This means your search grid will be ‘bulked out’ with people who don’t use the site.

The key to a good sex dating site is for it to have a large community of active members.

User interface

Sex dating apps tend to go one of two ways: they either match you up with people automatically (Tinder) or they ask you to search for yourself (that’s how we do it).

Which is best for you depends on how serious you are.

If you want to meet for sex with new people, you will have better results searching for people yourself, because you can narrow down physical characteristics.

Subscription prices

The vast majority of sex dating apps are free to join. Sex Dating Site is also free to join and we ask for no payment information when you sign up.

The way we make money is through a premium subscription, which you can upgrade to after using our site and seeing if it is right for you.

A premium account lets you message and chat with other members and see who views your profile. You can also read other members’ sex diaries and create your own.

You can pay for a subscription monthly or buy a block of months for a discount.

Most other sex dating apps offer similar subscriptions. It will be worth upgrading if you find people you want to chat with.

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