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First Time Sex Dating Tips from Real People

With an exciting and growing community, sex dating is a fantastic way to let your hair down. But how should you go about it as a newbie?

Here are a few sex dating tips from real people:

Hannah Riley, Birmingham, “Take the lead”

“Don’t be afraid to make the first move online. When I started with sex dating, I sat back and waited for people to come to me. I actually had the best results taking the lead, so that would be my tip for sex dating success.”

Daniel Williams, Glasgow, “Use an alias”

“If you want to keep your sex adventures private from your normal life, use an alias. My alias is Daniel Williams and it isn’t my real name because I don’t want people to look me up. By using an alias, you can maintain anonymity when sex dating.”

Natalie Clare, Huddersfield, “Break the ice with drinks”

I have met up for sex with people at hotels but it always goes down better with a few drinks first. Meet at a bar or a pub or order room service. For me, alcohol takes the edge off and make the sex more fun.”

Mark Ellis, Portsmouth, “Try a sex chat”

“You don’t have to meet up with people and have sex to have fun. During the coronavirus pandemic, I have had ‘dirty chats’ with people online with excellent results. It might sound odd, but in a way, it’s just as good as real sex.”

Laurie Hudson, Aberystwyth, “Don’t meet up at your home address”

“For me, sex should be kept private, which is why I always meet for sex away from home. It’s important for me to keep this side of myself private. If you feel the same, my tip is to meet anywhere else but your home address.”

James Stansfield, Blackpool, “Carry protection”

As a gay man, protection during sex is essential and one thing I have learned is you can’t rely on other people to bring protection. My sex dating tip is to always carry protection.”

Sylvia Stewart, London, “Don’t travel too far”

“The great thing about a sex dating site is you can narrow down your searches by postcode and area. I made the mistake of driving 80 miles for sex and lived to regret it. It was too inconvenient. I recommend narrowing your search to within 5 miles of where you live.”

Anthony Harris, St Andrews, “Upload good photos”

“When I started sex dating I got no messages because my only profile photo was a headshot. Experience now tells me that it’s better to have a mugshot and a body shot. With sex dating sites, you can also upload saucier images. Personally, I prefer to keep it a bit more muted but it’s up to you.”

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