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5 Tips to Stay Safe When Sex Dating

Looking to get naughty with sex dating?

The concept of dating just for sex isn’t something new but it has become more accessible thanks to the internet.

While the proposition of an online hookup sounds fun, you need to stay safe to avoid unwanted consequences.

The first hurdle to overcome is picking the right site. There are many dating sites out there but some are better than others when it comes to just hookups.

You want to remain as anonymous as possible during your sex-adventures, remember you are looking for sex, not a relationship.

Once you are comfortable with using our sex dating site, keep the following tips in mind for a safer experience.

1) Use an Alias

Get creative with your display name and avoid using your real name anywhere on the site.

Carry that façade in your conversations and face-to-face.

Using your real name poses a risk of being discovered for all the wrong reasons. You also don’t want people stalking you all over social media.

2) Don’t Share Your Address

Nobody likes unwanted visitors and you definitely don’t need strangers knocking on your door for sex dating.

You want others to know your general location but they shouldn’t be able to pinpoint your location on the map.

Keeping up with the theme of anonymity, find a place that doesn’t attract too much attention and comfortable for both of you but still nearby for a quick getaway if things turn sour.

3) Only Message Within the Dating Site

It’s easy to get lost in excitement when you land a raunchy date and that is why you communicate strictly on the dating site.

Keeping a paper trail of your exchange will help the site moderators deal with a bad apple or a sticky situation, keeping you safe.

Remember, compromising your personal and contact info may return to haunt you long after the fun is over.

4) Cut Ties After Having Sex

You’ve signed up for some casual sex, and it should end there.

Even if you plan future sexcapades with a previous date, refrain from having any kind of regular relationship.

Don’t even be friends! It will turn an otherwise fun time into a hot mess of emotions you don’t need. Keep it strictly casual.

5) Dealing with Pests

There is a chance, albeit very small, that sparks initially fly but fizzle out before you actually meetup. The best thing to do is to block or ignore annoying or fishy people who refuse to take ‘no’ for an answer.

By ignoring someone you don’t want to deal with, you are letting them down softly and if blocking them doesn’t work then you can always report them to moderators for appropriate action.

It is important to remember what you signed up for and keeping your online identity safe should be your priority.

Don’t give in to temptation without being a 100% sure it is safe to do so.

Although you can take precautions on no-strings-attached sex dating sites, keep personal information to yourself and if you do plan to share them, do so in person under confidentiality.

You can also use secrecy to spice up the experience!

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