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5 Rules For Good Sex Dating

You’ve managed to land a hot night of hookup sex on the sex dating site, now how do you make sure it goes smooth?

Being a turn off before or during sex can instantly send your experience downhill.

Some might even get up and leave because you neglected a few ‘must-have’ manners in anticipation of sex itself. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with these 5 rules for good sex dating.

1. Always use protection

We’ve all heard about using protection with strangers but we don’t often use it unless told to do so. This attitude holds risk for you and others with long term consequences.

Although your personal preference may not to use a condom, it does not make you immune to risks.

Doing STD tests is always good but a condom can avoid unwanted pregnancies. A rule for casual sex dating is to use protection regardless of anyone’s preference.

2. Respect your date

Just because you want to get to sex instantly, does not mean you throw your manners out the window.

Yes, it’s only no-strings-attached sex but you have to respect the person you are having sex with.

Involve yourself, remove distractions and communicate during sex to not come off as a jerk.

A rule for good sex dating is to pay attention to your date before, during and after sex to enhance the experience.

Also, you leave on a good note; you never know if you want to have hookup sex with them again.

3. Lubing your way in

You use lube when alone so why not use it during sex? You’d be surprised to know that lube is actually an expectation for casual sex.

A common complaint about casual sex is the dryness caused due to lack of emotional attachment.

Experts say this can be combatted with the use of lube or lubricated condoms.

So as a rule of good sex dating, always use lubrication to keep the sex going, uninterrupted.

4. Be honest about your intentions

If you have the hots for someone and only thinking of sex then make sure your sex crush knows it.

Don’t flirt for the wrong reasons or dial-up romance to convince someone to have sex with you.

If you send the wrong signals then there is a good chance they will feel used and not have sex with you again, even if they initially wanted to.

As a hookup sex rule, don’t risk losing out on continuous amazing sex because you were not honest about your intentions.

5. Consent is mandatory

Learn to read your sex partner to avoid making them feel pressured into sex. That is a big no-no in the casual sex game.

Make sure you get a clear, verbal “yes” before even attempting to get touchy-feely.

It may seem obvious to you but that doesn’t mean it is obvious to them.

So, your final rule for good sex dating is to be respectful and ask them for consent.

Discuss your plans and agree on activities to have the best casual sex ever!

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